Invest in practical skills to cope with change.

Change is uncomfortable for everyone, but with the right awareness and practical skills, it can provide exciting ways to evolve and opportunities to innovate.

Adapting to change is a process.

To flourish in a new reality, we need to identify where we are as individuals (and within/as teams), be aware of our emotions and make sense of these as we progress through the different stages of change. 

We invite you to read a little more about how the Engrow Change Resilience Toolkit© can help you:

  1. Identify where you are in the change process,

  2. Reflect on how you see yourself, your relationships, your goals and priorities in the context of your environment and whatever change you are experiencing, and

  3. Make the most of the different stages.

The Organic Change Curve© below shows the typical stages and feelings that are part of a change process.

Do you know where you and members of your team are in the process?



Know where you are and get insights and practical tips to help you progress to the next stage.

While we often aren’t in control of change itself, knowing where we are without self-criticism, and developing a personal action plan for the way forward will help you make the most of the opportunities each stage offers.


Understand, embrace and optimise your opportunities now to be stronger in future.


The Engrow Change Resilience Toolkit© provides you with an Organic Scorecard© that shows you where you are on the Organic Change Curve©. 


The Organic ScoreCard© is a diagnostic tool that maps individual’s and team’s current awareness, identifies strengths and potential growth areas.

Read more about the Organic ScoreCard©


With my coaching support, together we will:

Explore ways to know, and understand the emotions associated with the stages of change.

Work through practical tools to embrace and optimise the opportunities of each stage.

Create a personal plan and discuss the best way to implement it and review your progress.

Benefit from the Engrow Change Resilience Toolkit©

Regardless of where you or your team is now, an investment in knowing where you are and then optimising each stage will provide invaluable insights, knowledge about what to focus on and the practical skills to do so.

What is the cost for and what do you get?

For an all-inclusive cost of R 2,500.00 (excl. VAT) you will get the following:

A link to complete a set of questions that will populate your own personalised Organic Scorecard©.

I will arrange a suitable time for an initial 30 min virtual feedback session about the results of the Scorecard, which will give you some pointers and ideas to reflect on.

We then have a 60-minute coaching session during which, together we will create an action plan based on the Organic Change Curve©.

You will receive the plan and a recording of the session we had together.

Contact me if you would like to be better equipped for changebuild resilience and practical ways to cope with uncertainty, and identify opportunities to innovate.

What about ongoing support?

If you then would like subsequent feedback sessions or coaching to help you track progress or if you have any stumbling blocks, these sessions would be scheduled and charged for separately. We'd be happy to discuss your specific requirements or collaborate to tailor our toolkit to meet your broader business needs.