Are you Hitting Your Client’s Sweet Spot?

In sport a sweet spot is “something that embodies the best or most effective of a thing, often a spot on a bat or racquet. It is usually the most productive spot and the one that is striven for, because of a combination of qualities”.

How are you meeting your client’s sweet spot? What is the combination of qualities that your business offers to make your product or service the best, most effective and most productive for your client?

Do you understand what those qualities are that your clients expect when considering and selecting your business to meet their particular needs?

So take a moment to stand in the shoes of your clients and reflect on the following:

  • Who are your clients, what are their needs and how do you address these needs through your business offering? What will add value to your clients?

  • How do you meet those needs through what you offer your clients? As client needs can be both functional and emotional, it is important to focus on what you do as well as how you do something.

  • How do your clients get know about your business? How do they find out that your business can potentially meet their needs?

  • How do clients buy your product and what are important aspects in the buying process? This may include prompt service, the ability to buy online and constant updates on progress.

  • What after-sales services do your clients expect?

  • How do you keep in touch with your clients to find out whether they are still satisfied with your product or service, or whether their needs regarding your offering have changed?

  • What will make your clients keep on buying your product or service?

  • This entire offering is called a client value proposition. This is about how your business responds to the needs of your clients.

Understanding the needs of your clients will ensure that your business offers a value proposition will meet your clients’ sweet spots. This is what underpins the sweet taste of business success.