Setting the Course for Success

Goal Setting for the New Year

At the start of a new year I find it fascinating to see how people prepare themselves mentally for this new beginning – some have clear-cut goals with specifics defined while others will “take the year as it comes”.

It has been proven over and over again that having goals focuses your energy and makes the probability of achieving these goals significantly higher. Yet, it is still not a practice that is commonly applied.

Pondering the reasons for this, I reflected on what I have learnt about goal setting from the people around me and from my own experience.

Key Considerations for Setting Goals

  • When setting a goal, I make a commitment to myself. This means that this is a real goal and not just a dream or wish that has not yet matured.

  • Putting a measure to it helps me to think about how I will go about achieving the goal.

  • Why am I doing this and what are the benefits? Understanding the motivation behind the goal helps to give me momentum for the journey ahead. It helps me to maintain focus when encountering obstacles.

  • Understanding the trade-off that I am prepared to make to achieve my goal helps me to understand the importance of the goal.

  • I think carefully about whether I should communicate this goal to others. Some goals are deeply personal. Scrutiny from others can easily cause one to lose focus.

  • If I want to communicate my goal to a specific person, I think carefully about why, how and when I want to share this. This helps me to decide whether I should go ahead or not.

  • I think about what the support I need from people around me to achieve this goal and then request their support by explaining the goal and communicating what exactly I need from them.

Make Your Goals Explicit

Making goals explicit is about setting the direction toward achieving personal and business success. Also, being flexible can help you to capitalise on potential windfalls and work around obstacles on your way toward achieving these goals.