Your Personal Brand

Volvo for Safety, Nike for Action and Coke for Adding fun to Life.

These are how famous brands are generally described, based on people’s perceptions of what these brands represent. Have you given thought to your personal brand? How would someone describe you? What do you represent?

While your thoughts start working on this question, think of someone you know well professionally or personally. Which words would you use to describe them? Kind, fair, loving, dependable, negative, assertive? This is your brand perception of them – based on your perception of who they are, their values and your interactions with them.

Branding gurus describe the brand of a company as the essence (or promise) of what the company can deliver, or what you can expect when dealing with the company. How do you think people will describe your essence or promise? How would they describe their experiences with you?

Defining your personal brand

You can define your personal brand by addressing the following questions:

Who am I?

What are your core values and beliefs?

What do I do?

How do these values and beliefs inform your behaviour?

What do I do differently?

What makes you different from your peers? What are your unique skills or values? Is it something that is adding or destroying value for you?

Which company/environment suits me best?

Think of previous companies where you have worked. Where have you had successes? Where have things not worked so well?

Once you have reflected on these questions, it can be useful to ask for feedback from your colleagues and friends. Asking them the same questions as the ones above, you will gain good insight in how people perceive you. Defining your personal brand helps you to understand what your unique offering is. This knowledge will empower you to make good career and business decisions.